Sushi da asporto a Milano

After a long and exhausting day, if you don’t want to cook dinner and you’re at home wanting sushi you can order it from our restaurant on the Navigli in Milan.

Sushi&Sound is a location with a fusion soul, a combination of cultures and subliminal tastes in the heart of the Ticinese neighborhood in Milan. ..

Our home delivery service is available every day from 12:00 to 15:00 and from 18:30 to 23:30.

With our home delivery service on the Navigli in Milan we can satisfy your every desire.

Our purpose is to let you enjoy our best gastronomy with a fusion twist with or without gluten.

sushi asporto milano


Our gluten free sushi restaurant is the first in Milan to have the certificate of the Italian coeliacs association (AIC); we use fresh produce, the best you can find on the market.

After going through our menu for the first time you will start believing in love at first sight but do not just take our word: scroll through our website to discover a variety of unforgettable tastes and flavors and try our sushi delivery service.

You will find the best of the traditional Japanese cuisine and several specialties, true delicacies for your palate created by our chef Danny Vazquez.

Our gluten free desserts were a true challenge but we made it possible and you can add them to your order, delivered right at home together with the sushi.

We, at Sushi&Sound, have no limits, we go above and beyond to give you the best delicacies in the whole city of Milan.

And if you did not have the time to choose the right wine to accompany your lunch or dinner ?

Sushi&Sound has a vast choice of wines and Japanese distillates to accompany your home delivered sushi.

sushi asporto navigli


You can log on our website from your home or office and choose from our menu.

After choosing everything you want between entrees, a vast variety of dishes from the Japanese cuisine, hot plates, desserts and wine, you can proceed with a secure payment.

Enjoy our flavors and embark on a journey of unique and special pleasure with a fusion twist.

It does not matter if you order sushi at home for lunch, dinner or an aperitif, punctuality and precision are our strengths.

You just have to choose the most convenient time for you and we will make sure that you receive everything right on time without any delays or additional costs.

It is true that Porta Ticinese is a chaotic neighborhood and finding a parking spot could be difficult but


Maybe someone might think that there should be an additional cost to the take-away sushi service in the Ticinese district.

There are no additional costs for the delivery service: we care about satisfying our clients and we want to take care and cuddle them.

Your desires and necessities are a priority for us and your satisfaction is the best reward for our efforts.

Finally, we cannot forget about our most loyal clients that often choose our gluten free sushi restaurant in Milan.

With our fidelity card, available all year without any additional costs, you can collect points with every order and receive discounts or promotions.

Our sushi restaurant in Porta Ticinese offers the best home delivered gluten free sushi, for small or bigger dinners.

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