Sushi a domicilio sui Navigli a Milano


Whenever you would like to stay at home and relax, choosing to have sushi delivered at home could be the best option.

It is true that you cannot always give up a night in the Ticinese neighborhood, the center of the nightlife in Milan.

But sometimes the desire of a relaxing night with some high-quality sushi, with the people that you love, is stronger, especially after an intense day at work.

If you would like lunch or dinner with a good company . Sushi&Sound cuddles their clientele with a home ..

We offer the perfect dinner, filled with different culinary traditions, a mixture of classical dishes from the Japanese and western traditions.



. If you would like lunch or dinner with a good company Sushi&Sound cuddles their clientele with a home delivery sushi service. . .

The home delivery service is available even in locations that are as far as 5 km from Porta Ticinese, with the right notice.

sushi domicilio navigli

Sushi&Sound with professionalism, respectability and punctuality offers their clientele the option to enjoy lunch or dinner at home.

With an easy and innovative booking system, you can book all the specialties on the menu, from the comfort of your home or office.

With a menu carefully created by the chef Danny Vazquez, that combines different culinary traditions, your home delivered sushi will be a great success.

During your reservation you can choose if you want to order any gluten free options and customize the ingredients according to your likings.

You can choose different forms of payment such as bancomat, credit card or PayPal and safely wait for the delivery.

There are no additional costs and with the online system for delivery it is easy and intuitive to order sushi from home.

sushi domicilio milano


With our fidelity card, that you can get during the whole year without any additional costs, you can get points for every order.

Our fidelity program is valid even for home delivered sushi, with the change to get discount codes and exclusive rewards.

Together with the fidelity card you can be alerted about all the current promotions through our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Sushi&Sound is also available for catering services for birthdays, events, and private parties in Milan and nearby. . . . .

The home delivery service for events that are further from a 5 km perimeter are possible with the necessary notification.

For every other necessity or information, you can contact us through our website or you can contact us through our phone number 334 832 0901

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